Monday, October 27, 2008


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October's been a travel month. First stop Oregon SCBWI Retreat at Silver Falls State Park where I taught Story CPR, met fellow writers, Chronicle books editor, Julie Romeis, and Holiday House editor, Leanna Petronella. Leanna gave a stomping good session on writing YA novels.

Five words for this retreat= Terrific!! Watch out for Bears!

Photo Keven Law

Next I flew to Georgia to keynote the librarian luncheon at the Georgia Council of Media Organizations conference. Saw as we rose out of cloudy Seattle, the morning moon full in the pale blue sky. Flying toward the sun on my right, snowy Mount Rainer down below between the two. All this beauty spread out on the vast canvas of the sky.

Five words for the Librarian Lunch = Laughter, salad, book love, serendipity.

The last word because I ran into YA author Sharon Draper in the lobby of the hotel and we talked for nearly an hour before we identified ourselves as authors. Each of us thought the other was a librarian! We had a laugh about that.

Flew out that afternoon to Missouri for the Children's Literature Festival in Athens MO where I taught "Words on the Wing" to hundreds of students, met thousands of readers and signed books, books, books. Yeah!

Eight words for that leg of the trip: Giant beast fangs don't set off airport scanners!

How did this affect my writing schedule? Have laptop will travel. In the air and on the road, I found free time to daydream about Bound By Three (sequel to Dragon's Keep) and write chapters.

Four words for today = fellow travelers, walk well



Anonymous said...

OH MY GOSH!!! I LOVE Silver Falls State Park! It's so gorgeous.

Janet Lee Carey said...

Hey I had two comments asking "what are U writing?" and thought I'd clicked "publish" but the comments disappeared -- so to answer them:

I'm working on BOUND BY THREE a sequel to DRAGON'S KEEP. Yes there will be dragons and Pendragon Kings. But the tale takes place two generations after Rosie and Kye's rule, when the wild wood is full of fey folk and a witch hunter is out to snatch our main character, Tess. Tess is on the run with her three friends, fleeing from danger into greater danger as she enters the wild wood.
More later . . .


holly cupala said...

BOUND BY THREE is so amazing, Janet! I can't wait to read it start to finish, but the chapters I've heard are breathtaking. Readers, just wait!

Anonymous said...

Why don't you write about your life and how you grew up? Cause as long as I know I haven't seen a book of a biography in the library.
Also I LOVE 'Wenny has Wings' its justso sad that it made me think about many stuff. I just LOVE it.

Janet Lee Carey said...

Thanks for the good word Holly -- brings me up on a gray writing day and gives me courage to press on with Tess in BB3 :)

Oh and as to a biography? Hum . . . there's little bits of that on my website, but lets wait another 30 years or so? I'm just getting started with life :)