Tuesday, July 19, 2011


YA Fantasy, companion book to DRAGON'S KEEP, will be out Jan 2012.

~On Wilde Island, one girl must face her destiny or there will be no peace among dragons, fairies, and humans.~

Jacket photo of girl © 2011 Gabrielle Revere

Here's what the back cover says:
Wilde Island is in an uproar after the recent death of its king. The uneasy pact between dragons, fairies, and humans is fraying, and a bloodthirsty witch hunter with a hidden agenda whips villages into frenzies with wild accusations. Tess, a blacksmith’s daughter from a tiny hamlet near the mysterious Dragonswood, finds herself caught in the crosshairs of fate when she is accused of witchery and has to flee for her life along with her two best friends.

Not even Tess’s power to see the future can help the girls as they set off on their desperate journey, but she keeps having visions of a man wielding a sword. And when she finally meets him, Tess has no idea how to handle the magnetic attraction she feels for him, or the elusive call she hears from the heart of the Dragonswood.

In this epic romance, an ancient prophecy comes true in a way neither dragon, fairy, nor human would have predicted.

Discover why School Library Journal has called Carey’s work “Truly original . . . beyond common fantasy fare . . . fantasy at its best.”

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Holding the book in my hands for the first time gave me a chill! Warmest thanks to my intrepid editor, Kathy Dawson, who journeyed with me from rough draft to final polished pages,creating Tess's challenging story. The end even surprised me! But I won't give that away. You'll have to read Dragonswood yourself when the books comes out in January.

Stay tuned for the DRAGONSWOOD blog tour.