Tuesday, May 05, 2009

It has been forever since I blogged. Why?? I have been juggling many projects and am in the air all day tossing and tossing.

I was recently asked juggling advice and did I recommend it. Hum . . .
The answer depends on your best way of working. Jane Yolen always juggles many projects at once and seems to thrive on it! I visit the blog on her website often to peek into her life and work. If you thrive on juggling as she does, go for it.

I actually prefer to be married to my work. That is to say I work on one story at a time to nearest deadline, then switch to another. I find the transition difficult -- moving from a fantasy set in a fictional Africa with the spare voice of a male protagonist (Kipp in Stealing Death) to the medieval world of Wilde Island with a female protagonist disguised as a leper and on the run with her three friends from the witch hunter (Tess in Bound By Three).

It's dizzying for me going between these worlds let alone trying to live in the real one. Sheesh!

So pick the tale that's calling to you and go deeply in, or juggle many happily as Jane Yolen seems to do.

Whatever you do, be in love with your characters and their world.

Happy (if frantic) Writing everyone and Keep the balls in the air.