Friday, February 07, 2014

ONCE UPON A STORY Spring Conference

I won Free Tuition to our Western Washington SCBWI Spring Conference!

By some magical confluence of energy, the ever-amazing
Deb Lund

(poster by art-magician DanaSullivan)
Drew my raffle ticket from the sack at last night's SCBWI meeting. My golden ticket to Once Upon a Story

It was as if I’d zoomed past the Phantom Tollbooth

And beyond reasonable Expectations to the land where authors, illustrators, agents, editors, and all species of children’s books bibliophiles converge (said destination may or may not be
noticeable on Milo’s map).

I’m already looking forward to meeting friends, honing my craft, and gleaning the latest tips from the publishing world at the bountiful 2014 conference. I’m grateful beyond words and since words are an author’s arsenal – that’s saying something. Or, I guess not saying something.

A Bit More About Last Night
Despite being rear-ended and having her car totaled on the way to the SCBWI meeting. (Pause to hug Deb here and send her love.) Deb Lund inspired us all, sharing 9 of her Fiction Magic cards that encouraged, challenged, twisted and tickled our writer minds. If you weren’t there to get this pure creativity gold, find out more about it @ Fiction Magic. Note to Deb: I must have the whole deck as soon as they’re available!
Deb also passed out magic wands.

I’m bringing mine to the conference. Are you?