Friday, July 02, 2010


Photo of my friend and writing colleague, Holly Cupala (author of TELL ME A SECRET).

While at the ALA conference last week, Holly swung by the EGMONT USA booth, and snatched up THE DRAGONS OF NOOR Advanced Reader Copy.

Evidence of the said Dragon-Snatching is here for all to see in the above photo!

A bit of a teaser . . .

THE DRAGONS OF NOOR opens when Hanna's little brother, Tymm, is stolen by a mysterious wind. Hanna is haunted by the words from a game she used to play with her little brother . . .

~Children fly when worlds are shaken,
Now the children are Wind-taken.
Seek them there, seek them here, before the children disappear.~

Stay tuned for more about THE DRAGONS OF NOOR as we get closer to the launch date October 12th.

Meanwhile remember to feed your imagination and go on lots of Dreamwalks.


Katherine Grace Bond said...

Oh, the brazen hussy! Next, she'll be telling all our secrets!

Judy Bodmer said...

What an amazing cover. I can hardly wait until I can read your adventure tale of dragons and worlds split apart. Doew Tymm make it back safely?