Wednesday, June 03, 2009

We just returned from Maui where I swam in the sea and went on a 5 day Sacred Maui Pilgrimage Retreat with Ram Dass. The first day there we visited a sacred Hawaiian site by special invitation.

Lei'ohu Ryder invited us into the Kukuipuka Heiau a place of profound healing and inspiration. Lei'ohu Ryder shared stories of the power of the land and the sea -- of the healing earth. She also talked about "letting go of our stories" the stories that tie us down and keep us in the past and do not allow us to grow into our true power. This was only the first day of our pilgrimage, but my husband and I were greatly blessed by land and sea and Kukuipuka Heiau under the guidance of Lei'ohu Ryder and Ram Dass. There is great healing in the land -- the ground we walk on every day of our lives.


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