Tuesday, August 05, 2014

Write in Private or Write in Public?

Dreamwalkers, are you a Write in Private type of author or a Write in Public type?  I think of myself as a Write in Private sort of person.

Maybe it’s because I laugh out loud when a character says something unexpected, tear up in poignant moments, or need to jump up and physically act out a scene to get un-stuck. Do I want any of these behaviors on public display? Hardly.  

Or maybe it’s because I’m always trying to capture the illusive magic

But yesterday (drumroll please) I did something Bold! I met with fellow author Justina Chen

to Write in Public at a local coffee shop.

After a delicious conversation with Justina on life, writing craft—hashing out plots and twists, and writing  careers—her newest brilliant YA novel A BLIND SPOT FOR BOYS is coming out next week J, we opened our laptops and got down to business.
I discovered something there. Having to shut out the hissing, spouting, belching espresso machines, the nauseating overhead music, the conversations at the nearby tables forced me into uber-concentration. I dove into the scene and fell out of time and space right into the book.  It was . . .


Yesterday I saw for the first time how the distractions forced me to Focus. Is this why many authors love to Write in Public? I have a sneaking suspicion it is. How about you? Which do you like best?

Until next time Dreamwalkers, walk well


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Molly/Cece said...

I like both ways.