Friday, October 19, 2012

Summer ALA and Fall Library Conference


I flew down to LA with writing buddy Katherine Grace Bond  and we dove into the American Library Association Conference in Anaheim. The trip combined 2 favorite things.

Books and swimming pools.

The best parts of ALA for me this year were:

~ Spending time with my editor, Kathy Dawson.

~ Standing in line while Katherine signed copies of her new book The Summer of No Regrets.

~ Meeting the librarians and snagging them for interviews on my blog Library Lions!

~ Hearing

read the prologue to her newest book

(Katherine and I gave her a standing ovation.)

Last, I have to say it . . .  going to Disneyland for the first time in my life (Katherine treated me to an evening pass.)  

FALL means WLMA (Washington Library Media Association) conference.

This October I headed over the mountains with author buddy, Deb Lund driving to Yakima to present on the panel "Show, Tell, and Do: The Next Generation of Author Visits" Deb and I joined  authors, Jennifer Wolf and Helen Landalf  and had a great discussion with the librarians.

(Deb grabbing books from the table. Helen & Moi)

Next day I presented one of my favorite workshops "The Female Hero in Children's and YA Fiction" The topic prompted some amazing discussions.

Thank you for traveling with me through summer and fall.

Until next time fellow dreamwalkers. Walk well

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Anonymous said...

I really love Dragon's keep and Dragonswood. I noticed that there is a Tess for every generation of Pendragons. One for Rosalind, baby Tess for Kadmi, and half-fey Tess for Bion and Arden.