Saturday, June 24, 2006

Paul Klee said ~ Art does not reproduce the visible. Rather it makes visible ~

In order to make things visible we must turn away from the busy, visible world and move into the inner world. It's a paradox that we must close our eyes for a time in order to make something visible: that we must be silent for a time in order to let the story speak.

But there's power in paradox.

The inner storyteller is a strange illusive being that refuses to be captured or defined. In times of silence, the imagination, which links the conscious and unconscious mind, is given a voice. There is so much the unconscious mind has to say, if we practice the art of waiting, listening, allowing the words to rise up.

Art is less doing
More being

Until the next blog. Be well.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Janet, would you happen to have Katherine Grace's email plse? We met yrs ago at the drc and I'd like to contact her.

Elizabeth Van Sickle